Wholesalers to Stock Wholesale Jewellery UK

You are dealing with jewellery as a retailer in the UK. You should have information about some top wholesale jewellery suppliers in the UK. The more you will know the Wholesale Jewellery UK suppliers better will be your choice. This content will give you true information about wholesale jewellery suppliers for retailers in the UK.

Main Silver

It has been serving for more than twenty-five years in the market. It is located in Brighton that supplies and wholesale jewellery within the UK and abroad.

But retailers can stock necklaces, anklets, bracelets, kids jewellery, pendants, beads, chains, and rings from this resource. If you want to deal with this platform then you will get a reasonable discount for stocking this product. This platform offer jewellery that is made of the best raw materials.

Moreover, this platform offers nickel-free jewellery that is ideal for kids and meets standard EU regulations.


So it is another major wholesale platform for stocking jewellery. For stocking earrings, necklaces, and bracelets retailers turn to this platform. It offers superior service standards. If retailers are abroad and they can get delivery within 48 hours.

Dan Dewellers

It is one of the main wholesale jewellery suppliers in the UK. It is based in Hatton Garden in London. As a retailer, you can stock bangles, anklets, wedding rings, watches, and pendants of top quality and up-to-date fashion. But apart from these retailers can stock 9ct, 18ct jewellery, and semi-precious stone from this resource in the UK. But this platform sells cheap jewellery as compared to other platforms but in the UK.

Wholesale Shopping

It is a leading fashion hub of clothing and accessories for retailers in the UK. Besides clothing and accessories, retailers can also stock footwear for their collections because in the UK.

The main benefits of dealing with this platform are that retailers can stock live fashion, fabulous quality, unparalleled discounts. So these are the reasons that helped this platform grow fast and lag behind many of its competitors.

It specializes in Wholesale Clothing with varieties of jewellery products. But retailers will find these rare at any other such resource in the UK.

This platform is making progress by leaps and bounds and increasing the strength of its customers over time. Retailers can avail of different designs of necklace with outclass variety. Because along with competitive rates, because retailers can avail of discounts and sales from time to time. From variety to the economy, this platform has only a few matchings in the market.

PS Wholesale Ltd

This a huge wholesale supplier of jewellery items in the UK. From here,because retailers can stock glass beaded bracelets, phone charms, bags charms, toe rings, earrings, custom jewellery, and many others. But retailers can also consult for silk thread jewelllery kit because wholesale purchasing. So fast fashion trend jewellery is displayed on its sites. Retailers can make their payments through Paypal, cheques, credit cards, wire transfer, and cash.

Yoko’s Trading Ltd

This platform started serving in 2007 from Manchester UK. So, it was dealing with fashion accessories, so costumer jewellery, scarves, rings. Because now it has got enough fame and is regarded as a global brand.

Aumbow International Trading Co. Ltd

Retailers can stock bracelets, earrings, and jewellery sets. Retailers can avail of the attractive shipping prices.

Vicki Jane.co.uk

This is an old wholesale supplier of women’s jewellery in the UK. They only serve retailers within the UK without minimum price orders. Click here for more info about Wholesale Ladies Clothing and Jewellery.

Wholesale Clearance UK

Because Wholesale Clearance has been serving in the market and for the last 13 years. This company facilitates retailers by offering different varieties of jewellery at quite competitive rates. Its team adds user ideas to the designs of products. Wherever you are in the world as a retailer you can avail of company services at a small fee.

Radford Accessories

This is an ideal resource for retailers to stock unique products of jewellery for their stock in the UK.

Jewel City

This platform has been in operation for the past many years. So it is located in Buckinghamshire UK. It is ranked among the prominent jewellery wholesalers in the UK. Retailers can stock rings, necklaces, and earrings from this resource with fine quality at quite competitive prices.

Jewellery World Ltd

It is one of the largest Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers UK for retailers. This platform is located in Manchester UK known as a silk thread-making kit wholesale supplier. But it is specialized in costume jewellery, but designer watches, patwears, scarves, bridal jewellery, hair accessories, and other items of jewellery products.

Silverambler Jewellery

And this is a highly recommended because platform situated in Corby city of UK. Because you are looking for bangles, bracelets, brooches, pins, earrings, and lockets. This platform will provide you with all that.


So after reading this content thoroughly the readers should decide for themselves. And I suggest you choosing an ideal platform by following this criterion. Because that one is ideal that supplies Wholesale Fashion Jewellery with the best economy, and matchless quality.


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