When You Have Used Semi Trucks For Sale, Remarketing Can Get You Top Dollar

Used Semi Trucks For Sale: If you own company-owned vehicles that have to be sold, the first assumption is likely to be that you aren’t interested in the stress of trying to sell the vehicle. Who wants to go through all the paperwork, repair the vehicle and manage the numerous aspects? This is why a better option is to offer your used semi-truck up for sale with a third party who is familiar with selling late-model vehicles similar to yours.

What is Remarketing?

It’s the simple process of working with a third party who puts an open-top semi-truck on the market through their marketing budget and website for you to sell your vehicle. There are many benefits when you remarket your vehicles which include the convenience of having an outside party handle the details on your behalf and freeing you to concentrate on more pressing issues such as managing your business. Remarketers can remove identifiable marks, like company logos, from your vehicle, then recondition and completely detail them and will handle documentation such as tax and title transfer licensing. They take care of everything from putting an estimate on the price until they complete the transaction and transfer the profit.

Remarketing Payments When You’ve Repossessed Semi Trucks

If a third party like a used truck dealer is selling the truck on your behalf, you have a variety of ways to compensate them. You could pay them a proportion of the price they are selling as a consignment fee, or a fixed amount, based on your requirements and current cash flow. In return, the dealer typically offers the minimum price guarantee, which assures you that you won’t be able to lose money in the transaction.

What are the advantages?

Remarketing reduces the responsibility of preparation, advertising and marketing your vehicles off your shoulders; however, you can do more than this. With a range of options, such as in-house financing for semi-trucks that are used to sell, the dealer will be able to reach a larger number of potential buyers. If you choose to finance, you will receive your money right away, and the finance company is taking the risk.

No Up-Front Costs

Since the dealer takes care of the cleaning, detailing and preparation and painting and other tasks that need to be completed, you don’t need to pay cash upfront before you can put an advertisement on the window. Many companies who offer to remarket do it because they are able to quickly and effectively put semi-trucks that are used on the market for sale at a premium price and draw a lot of attention. The truck yards are usually well-located and have easy accessibility to major highways, which means they receive a lot of attention from drivers as well as fleet owners each day of the week. They also enjoy national and, in some instances, international exposure through the Internet that can be used in your favor.

If you’re planning to offer a used semi-truck up for sale but don’t know who to go to for remarketing, you should look for an outside company that is specialized in used vehicles. They also have a lengthy history of successfully closing deals for people who have previously owned semi-trucks available for sale. You’ll enjoy the profits without the hard job!

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