Top 5 Famous Company Logos Created by the Best Logo Designers

Logo designing has exceeded all the expectations of a great marketing strategy to explore and implement unique design ideas for businesses. The best logo designers strive for excellence. They check their capabilities by playing around with colors, font styles, and layouts to create an attractive, memorable logo for their customers. From business logos to art logos, every industry incorporates it in its business plan. They do it to represent the brand identity more effectively.

Logo designing is not new to people worldwide. It has been here as a marketing strategy for decades depicting the company’s core values, products, and services. Look around yourself, and you will find every company having an identity of its own. Few have conquered the art of getting recognized from far while the others are lacking behind with their unattractive logos. As seen from popular companies like McDonald’s, Nike, Twitter, etc., the best logos have simple logos. They were created by professional logo designers. The simpler the logo, the more memorable it is. Hence, it is essential to opt for logos that are easy to understand and recognize from far.

Characteristics Of Famous Logos Design By Logo Designers

  1. Simple: As unimportant as it may sound, it is one of the most important characteristics of a great logo as it can communicate the company’s message in the simplest ways.
  2. Relevant: The best logo always depicts the company’s vision and mission aligned with its goals through particular products or services.
  3. Memorable: A logo that customers remember wins the game as they tend to go back to the same brand repeatedly.
  4. Timeless: What would be best but a logo that is easily recognizable by all generations, passing all the myths about a set timeframe and changing trends?

Next time when designing a logo for your company, you might want to remember these points to create a competitive edge. Now let’s move forward and look at a few of the most famous companies known because of their timeless and memorable logo designs created by highly skilled logo designers.

6 Popular Logos

1.      Apple

It’s fascinating to know how a tech giant is represented by a bitten fruit and named after that. Apple is a well-known brand used by people worldwide in the form of ipads, laptops, phones, etc. The logo designing and development is a long process of sketching and going through the samples before companies like any design. Many stories are flooding the internet about how Apple came across its famous logo. Though they often tried changing it each time they landed on the same design. The beautiful logo has a black apple bitten from the side. As simple and easy as it may sound and look, the logo went through its development stages by professional logo designers to become memorable and timeless for the people.

2.      Google

Another famous company Google has created a monopoly over the search engine market. Its simple logo is one of the first things that pops up in people’s minds when searching for information. The colorful logo has little details telling different stories. The best part about the logo is its ability to change colors or design according to historical events or dates while barely changing the primary image. Google, like other companies, went through a lot of changes and alternations. Especially with the arrangement of colors, until it stuck to one. The professional designers used the most recognized patterns and colors to become timeless for their global audience. The colors depicts innovation by breaking the use of traditional colors with a secondary color with the letter “L.” The optimized use of colors catches the user attention and unknowing making them loyal to the brand.

3.      Nike

The most striking logo of Nike is embedded in everyone’s mind letting them recognize it from far. The simple logo with the tick symbol was all that was needed to make the company famous overnight. The company gets recognized as a sportswear brand. It is used by people worldwide for high-quality products, especially shoes. The timeless logo has been catering to the audience for decades while earning billions of dollars because of its simple logo. This makes it clear how vital good logo designs and logo designers are for the success of businesses instead of spending millions on marketing strategy. The new techniques enable giant companies like Nike to spend in the best way. They attract a larger market including potential customer in the most efficient way.

4.      McDonald’s

Moving towards a fast-food chain McDonald’s is the first name that comes to mind. This is because of its memorable logo design. The company is famous for its finger-licking food. But the logo is what brings the audience to its door. It has its franchises spread all over the world. McDonald’s gets well recognized because of its golden arches of the letter ‘M.’ The company’s professional logo designers tried to change its logo over the years but always ended up keeping the traditional design. Moreover, the yellow and red logo represented energy, stimulation, and happiness. The golden or yellow arches make its logo stand out from the rest of its competitors from far. Above that, its sauce and burgers secret recipe has made it the best fast-food chain. The shape, colors, distinctiveness, simplicity, and creativity made it one of the most powerful logos.

5.      Netflix

The recent addition to best or famous logos is Netflix. It is an entertainment channel facilitating audiences with new and old released movies, shows, and series. The logo is well known for its bright red color against the black background. The bold red letters and the letter ‘N’ impact the audience’s minds, making them easily recognizable. The simple approach towards creating a brand image is a success, with billions of people subscribed to its services worldwide. The next time you watch a series on Netflix pay attention to its logo details. See how it impacts its users, attracting them to try it for once.

Logos have been in the industry for decades, with companies experimenting with different designs and names to leave a mark on their customers. As easy as logo designing may look, it takes a lot of patience and creativity to come up with incredible ideas to create a logo. Companies hire logo designers to create professional logos for their businesses. At a time when there are billions of companies operating having their own logo, it becomes increasingly challenging to choose a logo without researching. But the next time you create a logo, make sure to incorporate the four main characteristics of a good logo like the famous companies mentioned above.

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