MEAN Stack Development Scope In Today’s Scenario

In today’s fast-moving pace, businesses are finding new ways to grow with trending tech solutions. They are upgrading their websites and mobile applications with MEAN Stack development to make them robust and highly scalable for all screens. Moreover, it is becoming a more popular approach for businesses to create a competitive advantage.

The rising demand for mean stack development motivates businesses to use a strong software stack that can really work for them and provide the best web and mobile application services. Hence, this rising importance has surprised people to know about it. Businesses are thinking about integrating this emerging technology into their existing websites and mobile applications.

Here we will talk about Mean stack development and how it is beneficial for businesses.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack development is the synergy of four leading technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. All these technologies are combined to build innovative web and mobile applications. A simple point that can help you better understand this is the stack.

Stack refers to a combination of different programming languages and software to create efficient and more intelligent web and mobile applications in the software development context. However, the integration of different technologies has become an emerging trend in this technological era. Additionally, software and mobile app development companies are adopting this new trend to give a technical boom to business processes.

The outcomes of grouping different technologies in web and mobile app development are astonishing, and the demand for MEAN stack developers is rising. Here we will take about the scope of MEAN stack development in detail.

Elaborating The Four Components Of MEAN Stack Development

As discussed, MEAN stack development is the acronym of the four leading technologies. The latest development technology is entirely based on JavaScript programming language offering inclusive test suites; MochaJS, KarmaJS, and JasmineJS.

With the MEAN stack, developers can freely develop intuitive applications with interactive interfaces, efficient and faster performance. The four main components that are involved in development are as follows:

1.      MongoDB

MongoDB is a client-server-based database management system free of SQL queries utilized in web and app development processes to store and retrieve data. The blending of MongoDB in MEAN stack development brings convenience in documentation and data assortment. Secondly, the data stored in this platform goes in JSON format, giving users advantages of accessibility, scalability, and higher performance to make data visible at cross-platforms.

2.      Express.js

Express.js is combined with Node.js to form an ideal technology that manages server-side JS responses. The astonishing combination of both development technologies ensures quicker loading, swifter app execution, and feature-rich functionalities in applications. If we talk about its framework, it is based on the Ruby framework, Sinatra allowing web apps to run on single and multiple pages.

Moreover, it provides back-end and software creation services to deal with functionalities behind the front-end.

3.      Angular.js

Angular.js is a front-end framework that develops dynamic web apps with appealing user interfaces. Furthermore, the preference of this framework is to handle all the client-side user requests and make web apps faster. With angular.js developers can freely avail of its convenient use as it allows two-way data binding.

4.      Node.js

Node.js is the best component of the MEAN stack that allows running server applications at the back. The frameworks on the event-driven I/O model support connections and handle cookies. Secondly, the main thing about this open-source framework is the real-time app support over multiple platforms like Windows, OS X, and Linux.

All these four components support giving the best app with a combination of the leading technologies.

Benefits Of MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack development is creating a buzz in the app development world with countless benefits. Businesses are considering hiring a MEAN stack development company to make their web and mobile apps. Hence it is a great choice for them to quit the traditional business practices and adopt modern ones.

Let’s look at the benefits of MEAN stack development and know why businesses are considering this.

·         Open-source

In today’s modern pace, open-source development is gaining influence, and the MEAN stack is among them. All four components of the MEAN stack are open-source and are visible and accessible to everyone. Hence, if one wants to make changes, fix errors, or take the piece of code, it is easier for them. It’s a great benefit for all the users.

·         Supports Single Language

Another great benefit is its single language support with JavaScript technology. It is a great benefit for app developers to create a single app for all users. Additionally, it provides the best back-end support that does not give a single chance to disappoint users. Website, web apps, and mobile apps are efficient in performance with smoother app navigation.

·         Easier Swapping Between Client And Server

With single language support, MEAN stack-based applications are easier to swap between client and server. Here applications do not need third-party servers to bridge the gap between client and server responses. Therefore, you do not need to connect Apache; instead, Node.js allows the app to open on the server and fulfill requests.

·         Highly Flexible

Since MEAN stack applications are platform-independent, they are highly flexible to run over multiple platforms and interfaces like cloud, android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. Furthermore, MongoDB allows automatic data sharing and cluster support to multiple servers, a plus point to its benefits.

·         Helps In Instant MVP Development

It helps with minimum viable product development comprising preliminary features in the developed applications. So, it is beneficial for businesses to prefer MEAN stack development, as it is a complete package to get all the desired features they want in their apps.

·         Cost-Effective

MEAN stack development is cost-effective because all the components are open-source, which saves investment. Hence it never goes out of the budget.

·         Increased Online Community

As discussed above, MEAN stack applications are open-source, cloud-based, and platform-independent. Therefore, these applications are accessible online for a large user community.

·         Assure Great App Quality

MEAN stack supports automated testing, so there is no need to test the application on other software and platforms. Hence, it is a big advantage, saving time.


In summary, MEAN stack development is the modern app development technology emerging with great importance. So, Businesses looking for MEAN stack applications should also hire a MERN stack development company to take advantage of both leading technological solutions.

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