How to Dress to Become Successful in Fashion

Being in the dress business, you would assume that all the men and women I encountered had a great sense of style. You would, however, be incorrect. You should see some of the get-ups that come through my door. Yes, you may take greater chances when you dress in my profession, but some individuals seem to be insane. Sometimes it’s not only that they seem strange, but they’re also ignorant. I’ve seen it all, from one extreme to the other.

Well-Dress All The Time

The first topic I’m going to discuss seems to be a no-brainer. However, many of us have committed these blunders. You should constantly be well-dressed. That entails having clean and groomed hair (no roots). Makeup that isn’t too overpowering and reapplies lipstick (if you’re a woman) throughout the day.

Check that your nails and toes are groomed, that there is no damaged polish, and that there is no art on your nails. Keep the rhinestones for special occasions.

Clothes must be clean and in excellent condition. Hem skirts and pants to prevent them from dragging. To work, you must wear flip-flops (this is a personal peeve of mine). Perfume must be delicate. You don’t want people to be distracted by your lack of grooming. Also, a nice haircut is one of the things I recommend investing in.

Fit and Proportion

Another part of dressing correctly is paying attention to fit and proportion. When purchasing clothing, it is critical to get clothing that fits our current size rather than the size we want to be. If you have the perfect fit, a simple blazer can bring a lot of punch to an ensemble. Find a reputable tailor to assist you with this. Every person’s physique is distinct. There is no way for a fashion brand to create a flawless fit for every physique.

That is why a professional tailor can help by decreasing arm lengths, hemming skirts, and pinching in waists. Check pockets to your electronic cigarettes boxes safe in them.

Cost Factor

Clothes that fit well seem to be more costly. This is what may elevate the average to the extraordinary! When purchasing clothes, always purchase them to suit the greatest area of your body so that the seamstress may adapt as needed. If the item is a skirt or pants, bring the shoes you want to wear with them.

Proportion is also important. You should avoid wearing a long jacket with a long skirt, as well as all-over tight or baggy apparel.

Fashion publications, catalogs, and the internet can all show you which forms complement one other the best. The way clothing fits and functions together are just as crucial as the components themselves. So, while putting together an outfit, keep fit and proportion in mind. Check extra pockets if you want to keep your E cigarette boxes in them.

It is now time to lay the groundwork for your clothing. These are the foundational elements upon which you will construct your structure. Make certain that these goods are of the highest quality that you can afford. They should have current silhouettes but not be so fashionable that they go out of style in a season.

  1. A neutral-colored classic blazer.
  2. Black slacks.
  3. A white button-up shirt.
  4. A black gown.
  5. The trench coat.
  6. Pencil skirt.

Always Have Key Things

Build your wardrobe around the key things you’ve purchased. Read publications like Lucky and In style, which teach you how to put clothes together in practical ways. Visit websites such as Ann Taylor and J Crew, which also feature clothing. Photos of appearances you like may be downloaded or torn out. You might use them as inspiration for your look when you go shopping.

When you arrive at the fashion shop, there will also be exhibits that will provide you with further ideas. Bring a buddy you trust who will offer you impartial advice as you try on various products.

Then choose the items you wish to try on. Take chances. Experiment with various outfits and accessories. Try on items that you would not ordinarily consider. I often take my 18-year-old daughter shopping.

She loves my taste, and I am her go-to wingman. I constantly have her try on items that aren’t in her usual wardrobe, and she usually loves it and puts something new together. My most recent outfit for her is shorts with tights and boots. So, I really like the appearance of college students. You should consider expanding your wardrobe.

Skirts and Slacks

Don’t feel obligated to do everything in a single day. It’s a work in progress, and you’ll be shopping all the time. It should be done once a month. More skirts and slacks will be required, as well as 5-10 tops/jackets/cardigans and an additional fashion dress or two.

When putting together an ensemble, choose one basic, one statement item, and a jacket or cardigan to finish it off. Also, keep in mind that a single object might be worked in a variety of ways. You may get a pant to go with a cardigan combination, a shirt, and jacket, or a sweater.

Go shopping and have a good time.

What About Shoes

Shoes are my favorite part of this ensemble!! I like shoes of all kinds: fashion boots, flats, platforms, pumps, you name it. Moreover, shoes may make a big statement about who you are. Also, this is my favorite place to indulge. I typically purchase excellent shoes,

but I do have a pair of Payless flats for going down the street. Working in Manhattan, the sidewalks can really ruin your fine shoes, not to mention your feet and back.

Payless offers incredibly nice flats, which is preferable to going to work in sneakers (which I despise!). I take great care of my shoes, getting the bottom tips and heal lifts updated on a regular basis and continuously polishing them.

I have a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sling-back black heels that I paid $350 for on sale. Isn’t it pricey? Not much, considering I’ve had them for many years, wear them all the time, and they complete the ensemble.

If you divide the cost by the number of wearing, it will have cost me around 25 cents for every wearing. Isn’t it a good deal? So go out and acquire some nice shoes to add to your fashion collection.

As a minimum, you should have a black pump, a wonderful pair of elegant knee-high boots, a ballerina flat, and a pop color shoe (maybe red). Of course, you may add to it and have some fun with it. I like my leopard print pump and platform shoes.


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