Features You Need to Look for During an Elation EMR Demo

EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) are software applications that are digitized equivalents of traditional paper-based medical records seen in a printed chart. They keep track of your patient’s medical history, prescriptions, vaccination dates, and doctor’s notes, among other things. They’re fantastic platforms like Elation EMR that truly help centralize patient records, and they’re very necessary for any modern practice. One of the most effective ways to streamline your everyday duties and keep track of patient care is to use an EMR system. 

Elation EMR Software 

Elation EMR is a Clinical First EHR that streamlines your office processes and strengthens the patient/doctor interface, allowing you to provide excellent care. It enables primary care physicians and their practices to provide high-quality treatment to their patients. This article will go over the most important Elation EMR features. In addition, Elation EMR reviews will be covered. Request an Elation EMR demo if you want to learn more about Elation EMR pricing

Features you need to look for during an Elation EMR demo. 

Patient Portal 

The capabilities of the Elation Patient Portal are the most beneficial medical tool for your clients. The gateway not only allows for safe, HIPAA-compliant communication between patients and providers, but it also stores medical history, up-to-date medications, lab results, immunization records, diagnoses, and more. Patients get access to all information securely over the internet. 

Clients can schedule appointments, medicines, refills, view statements and make payments through the Elation EHR Patient Portal. This saves your employees’ time on the phone and reduces workday interruptions. Patients also don’t have to wait until business hours to discuss their wants to your practice. They can access the 100% cloud-based Patient Portal from anywhere and anytime as long as they have access to the internet. 

The Elation EHR Patient Portal aids in the seamless operation of your clinic. Patients may readily contact the clinic, vital information can be shared following industry norms, and online payments can be safely collected. You’ll find everything you need to keep your clients interested and your employees more efficient. 

Electronic Prescriptions 

Elation EHR is EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) approved, enabling practitioners to properly and reliably e-prescribe prescribed drugs. EPCS guarantees that prescriptions are delivered to the correct recipients by reducing the requirement for handwritten prescription sheets. By eliminating drug mistakes, prescription fraud, and abuse, the overall quality is improved. 

By enabling physicians to obtain prescription refills digitally, e-prescribing can make treatment more accessible. E-Prescribing is more efficient, less expensive, and secure for clinicians, pharmacies, and clients.

Appointment Scheduling 

One of the most important aspects of delivering high-quality medical solutions is an EHR patient scheduling procedure. To establish an effective patient scheduling strategy, it is critical to identify patient requirements and develop appropriate techniques. A well-organized and simplified appointment scheduling feature aids in gaining the trust of clients and has a substantial impact on yield cycle efficiency. 

The powerful Elation EHR Scheduling function enables the front desk to handle all scheduling duties. You can rapidly organize and rearrange appointments, examine client contact information, verify client eligibility, examine the client credit, and gather copays with just a few clicks on the calendar. Each scheduling time slot is also color-coded so you can instantly see if it’s restricted, scheduled, or available. 

Individual and numerous providers will benefit from the Elation EHR Scheduling functionality. Your practice can monitor and manage various provider schedules and move multiple appointments with a few clicks. Custom schedules in the Elation EMR allow the practice the most freedom in creating and updating schedules for each physician and location. 

Charting Capabilities 

Elation EHR’s Charting tool includes a library of ready-to-use templates. Adapted to your single or multi-specialty practice’s specific needs, The templates assist you in adhering to certain regulatory and coding rules to capture patient visits more precisely and efficiently, all while reducing denials. Cut down on the amount of time you spend charting. Create and complete progress notes quickly and efficiently, request and receive tests, obtain clinical decision help, see individual medical alerts, prescribe medications, and access vital patient data. There’s no need to jump between tabs to do these operations; everything is available at a glimpse within your health sector. 

Elation, the EHR Charting tool, records the patient visit and initiates the invoicing process. Practice EHR allows you to perform two required processes in one, unlike other charting choices separate from the billing process. The medical template can be configured to automatically begin filling out the encounter form, enabling the visit to be charged. This simplicity saves you time and ensures that the client contact is appropriately documented and billed. 


Elation Telehealth’s HIPAA-agreeable video stage, controlled by Zoom, is coordinated into your EHR, so you don’t need to set up or deal with a different framework to give virtual consideration. The technology generates everything clients need to attend their solo or group visits quickly and easily. Elation simplifies virtual care invoicing and payments by automating documentation and coding. Overall, this is one of Elation EMR’s most popular features. 

Seamless Integration 

Another excellent Elation EMR feature is the integration tool, which allows you to bring together multiple program applications in one spot. You can connect Elation EMR to your billing and practice management software, as well as any other program, using this capability. Furthermore, you will manage your entire practice from a single spot and preserve all of your data in one location, which is critical for effective practice administration. 

Elation EMR Reviews 

Talking about Elation EMR reviews, the software has been rated very well. Users have great things to say about Elation EMR Software. Overall, Elation EMR has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars which are great compared to other software. If you want to know more about Elation EMR Software, we recommend you schedule an Elation EMR demo. 

Final Thoughts!

Elation EHR is a superb piece of software. If you’re looking for an EHR program, Elation EMR is a good option. We recommend arranging a demo if you’re thinking about buying this product. We also recommend reading Elation EMR reviews. Finally, double-check if Elation has all of the features your business requires.


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