Do You Need to Take Full Responsibility for Guests During your Destination Wedding?

Planning a wedding is itself very overwhelming and when it comes to destination weddings, things can go a little bit difficult as there would be so many things to manage! You had to take care of the guests by doing all the arrangements for all the functions. There must be so many questions popping up in your mind while planning to host a destination wedding. You also must be wondering how much you should be doing for your guests. Do you need to help them cover travel costs? Entertain them for their complete stay?

All these queries are really common but while planning everything you need to keep in mind that your guests are all adults and they can all manage to travel to the venue. All you can do is go to wedding venues near the airport for everyone’s convenience.

Also, you can’t take responsibility for the time they will be spending at the venue, nor are you obligated to pay for your guests’ travel. However, all you need to do is be a great host and ensure that your guests have everything they need to be a part of your celebration. To help you out, we have laid out some simple things that you can do to help ensure a smooth stay for your wedding guests at your wedding.

First things first… decide your hosting style and communicate it clearly

Sometimes such things come out naturally and trust us there are plenty of ways to be a good host for your destination wedding. When we talk about Indian weddings, multiple functions need to be hosted such as mehendi, sangeet, cocktail, wedding as well as the reception. You have to see which one you will be hosting at the destination. While hosting them you have to ensure everyone that everyone is happy, fed and enjoying themselves at the event. Whereas some couples host one big event at the destination and let the rest of the ceremonies flow naturally. Being the host you need to sort out what being a good host means to you and your partner and that too in the planning process so that you can keep that concept at the heart of all your decisions.

Then you further have to communicate what will and won’t be part of your celebration to keep everyone in the loop. Try to be in touch with all your guests so that it can be easy for you to have smooth communication with them.

Give your guests some space to explore around

For many couples, being a good host at their wedding means offering loads of things to do during their stay at the hotel booked for the wedding. To do that they keep a jam-packed destination wedding agenda, but trust us doing the reverse is more often true.

Your guests must have taken off from their work and want to spend their own money to travel to and attend your celebration, therefore you should give them the chance to explore the area. If they are new to the city then you should offer them some inspiration to explore the things around. You can include a list of must-see spots on welcome bag notes or agenda pamphlets so your guests can experience everything you love most about the locale.

Giving them a safe environment

Whichever destination you choose for your wedding, you have to be responsible for your guests’ safety! We know, it isn’t your fault if something goes wrong. But you want to mitigate that risk as much as possible. All you need to do is take all the necessary precautions to avoid any kind of potentially dangerous situations. You need to communicate everything regarding any unsafe areas ahead of time. This way that your guests can plan their excursions accordingly.

Offer the tools to create an ideal travel experience for your guests

Is this the most important takeaway? Trust us, there is a huge difference between taking responsibility for your guests and doing everything for them. What we would suggest is offering them all the tools they need to have an easy-going, fun vacation and a celebration to remember. For many couples, this means coordinating a hotel room block and letting guests make their reservations. But for others, it may also mean providing a list of local restaurants and/or sights to see. So it depends upon you, how you want to do it!

You can include a list of must-see spots on welcome bag notes or agenda pamphlets. This way your guests can experience everything you love most about the locale.

We know, it’s important to be considerate of your wedding venues guests, no matter what type of event you’re hosting but even you have some limitations as you can’t burden yourself with everything and forget about enjoying your D-Day!


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