Candolim Beach Water Sports, North Goa

North Goa: Beach Queen!

Candolim Beach Water Sports, North Goa: Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches and exotic nightlife. Goa is the dream destination of many youngsters in India. Goa comprises two districts: ‘South Goa’ and ‘North Goa.’ North Goa is located in the northern direction of Goa and is famous for its beaches, tall palm trees, wooden shacks, and white waves of ocean streams. North Goa holds several beaches in which some beaches attract a lot of tourists every year. Some widely visited North goa beaches are—

●    Querim Beach – Calm and serene 

●    Mandrem Beach – blissful sunset

●    Chapora Beach – beautiful vistas

●    Ashwem Beach – Peaceful rocky beach

●    Dona Paula Beach – Water Sports enthusiast

●    Calangute Beach – Exotic vistas

●    Anjuna Beach –Hues Of Sunsets

●    Baga Beach – Isolated Trip

●    Candolim Beach – Water sports heaven

Tall palm trees, lush green vegetation, and shining white sands, North Goa welcomes in the land of beaches. The beaches of North Goa will leave you awe-inspired. However, North Goa is not limited to its beautiful beaches only. Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada, Reis Magos Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Church of Mae De Deus, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Chapel of St. Catherine, Mangeshi Temple, are among the most-visited places of North Goa. North Goa will soak up all your worries and make you merry. So, get some time off from your busy schedule and make blossoms once again. 

Candolim Beach: A water sports heaven!

Candolim Beach is a desirable beach for couples. The romantic vistas, white sands, and beautiful sunset make this beach popular among Honeymooners. Apart from romantic nights, this place is famous for its wide range of water sports. Every year lakhs of national and international tourists visit Candolim Beach to enjoy Water sports with their family. Candolim beach offers some exciting water sports such as Windsurfing, Water scooter, Motorboat ride, Scuba diving, Jet Skiing, Water skiing, Banana ride, River cruise, Dolphin trip, Bumper boat ride, Parasailing, Banana ride, Jet skiing, Speed boat, etc. 

Candolim beach is full of adventure and romance. Palm trees, wooden shacks, and lush green vegetation around Candolim beach make an attractive destination that helps you start afresh. 

Top 5 Water Sports at Candolim Beach

There are many water sports available at Candolim beach. Although these are the five best water sports among all—

●    Bumper Boat Ride

●    Parasailing

●    Banana Ride

●    Jet skiing

●    Speed Boat

1. Bumper Boat Ride: A fun ride!

The Bumper Boat ride is interesting to watch but even more interesting to ride. It is also called tubing. In this watersports, the speed boat is tied to a donut-shaped watercraft, and after that, the speed boat races your Donut watercraft above the streams of the ocean. The high speed of the watercraft will give you a chilling experience. The chilling wind and water droplets make you feel refreshed when strokes on your face. You can ride on a Bumper Boat with your family or partner. This is indeed a fun-filled activity that everyone should try once in their life.  

2.Parasailing: A bird’s eye view!

Parasailing, also known as parascending, paraskiing, or parakiting. In Parasailing, the person is attached to a designed canopy wing which is quite similar to Parachute, and then the person attached to it is towed behind a vehicle such as a car, truck, or boat. The vehicle then navigated, carrying the canopy-attached personnel into the sky. You can have a bird’ eye view of the world in the air. Now flying without wings is possible at Candolim beach, so do not miss this opportunity.

3. Banana Ride: A race against the ocean!

Banana Ride is a fun adventure. In this ride, a banana-shaped boat is attached to another boat and is pulled inside the water. The banana boat races against the ocean current when another boat pulls it at high speed. The exciting part comes when you fall from the boat in the chilly water of the ocean. 

4. Jet Skiing: Romance and adventure!

You will feel lively when the chilling water of the Arabian sea strokes on your face while jet skiing. The adrenaline rush will flow through the body when the watercraft chafe through the ocean stream. This is an adventurous and romantic watersport for a couple. 

5. Speed Boat: Feel the ocean breeze!

The thrill of riding a Speedboat is unforgettable. The feeling is inexplicable when fresh ocean water strokes on your face and the fresh breeze passes through your face while riding the boat at high speed, thereby giving you a tingling sensation. The awe-inspiring view of foamy waves and aquatic animals will make you mesmerized.


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